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Deck the Hulls and WIN!

In 2015, its first year under the ownership of Klaus Fuerniss Enterprises (KFE), the Marina decked the piers with hundreds of lights, and festooned the old Hyak Marine boathouse as well. This year, the Marina team is kicking it up a notch with a display of over 30,000 lights and an invitation to boaters in the harbour to ‘Deck the Hulls.’

Boat owners at any moorage in Gibsons harbour opting to take part and making a $20 donation to RCM-SAR at the Marina office are then entered in a prize draw. Prizes will be drawn on December 16. (Members of the public are welcome to donate as well but the prize draw is only for boat owners.)

A harbour full of festively-lit boats will be a particular feature of the “Light the Landing” event on Dec.10 – when Santa Claus arrives at Gibsons Government Dock aboard “Gear Down.” That evening, following a candlelight procession to the wharf, crowds are expected to watch the Carol Ships muster at 6pm for their sailpast (weather permitting.) Will you be part of this year’s event?