BFM-Board_B_AC_hires BC’s First Blue Flag Marina

Gibsons Marina is proud to be the first marina in BC to fly the Blue Flag logo, and the only marina on the western seaboard of North America to receive this globally-recognized designation. The International Blue Flag certifies that the marina meets and adheres to strict standards and criteria for water quality, environmental education, environmental management, safety and service.

The Blue Flag International Program is an initiative of the Foundation for Environmental Education, a non-governmental non-profit society dedicated to promoting sustainable management practices and environmental education. The internationally-recognized Blue Flags have been awarded to more than 4,000 beaches and marinas in 49 countries. In Canada, the Blue Flag program is administered by Environmental Defense, a non-governmental non-profit organization dedicated to protection of natural resources and environmental stewardship.

Boaters can fly the Blue Flag too!

Boaters wishing to fly the Blue Flag on their vessels may take the Blue Flag Pledge of Conduct at Gibsons Marina. Ask our friendly staff for more information.

Environmental Stewardship at Gibsons Marina

Gibsons Marina shares its environment with a wide variety of shorebirds, sea mammals and other wildlife. Please respect our neighbours by keeping dogs on leash and under control. Do not disturb nearby nests or habitat.

Maps of protected areas (glass sponge reefs, seagrass beds etc.) are available at the DFO website and at the Marina. Please ask staff for information.

Hatchery PartnershipMarina partners with Chapman Creek Hatchery’s summer environmental education program

Gibsons Marina has partnered with the Sunshine Coast Salmonid Enhancement Society (SCSES), donating $1,000 to help fund its first summer youth camp program offered at Chapman Creek Hatchery. Receiving the cheque from marina owner Klaus Fuerniss, SCSES Executive Director David Burnett noted that “This grant will help towards communication of this initiative, purchase of supplies, and be the stable funding base on which we can build the youth education program for the future.”

Fuerniss felt that “this partnership will work well with our commitment to education and the environment. Gibsons Marina received the International Blue Flag designation in June of this year in part because of that commitment. We are so pleased to work with the Chapman Creek Hatchery team to help our young people reach a better understanding and enjoyment of our natural marine environment.” Burnett added, “We are very proud to be associated with the West Coast’s first Blue Flag Marina – and we were very excited when they reached out to us to offer assistance when we launched the program.”

The camp was a resounding success and is now offered annually in either half-day sessions or full-day, week-long programs for children ages 7 – 12. Instructor Jennifer Callaghan helps campers get up close and personal with Pacific salmon, explore the ecosystems of Chapman Creek and its estuary, and develop outdoor skills. Participants will experience a new ecosystem each day.

Camps are also held on Pro-D days and during Spring Break. Burnett and Callaghan also developed a module in which children explore the Gibsons Marina ecosystem, incorporating a non-electronic version of the popular Minecraft game.

To learn more,  visit

Waste Disposal

Human garbage is harmful to local wild and marine life. Marina guests must deposit all trash in the appropriate receptacles on shore. Bins for recycling, garbage, compostable material, and refundable beverage containers are located near the marina building. Hazardous waste (paint, solvents, fluorescent or LED light bulbs, etc.) must be stored securely on board vessels to ensure no contamination of harbour waters, and disposed of at Gibsons Recycling Depot. If in doubt about where to place your waste materials, please ask Marina staff for assistance.

Bilge and head pump-outs are available at the Marina; cost is $25. Please see Marina staff to arrange pump-out. Any vessel pumping waste into the harbour waters will be subject to a fine.

Environmental Stewardship Committee

The Marina’s Environmental Stewardship Committee meets regularly to oversee implementation of environmental management systems, and review audits of Marina facilities to ensure all are in compliance with federal, provincial, and local government standards and policies. Audits regularly review water, waste and energy resource consumption and marina health and safety, and recommend conservation measures if required.

To ensure any water runoff from the Marina is harm-free, our policy is to use natural, biodegradable cleaning products in the public areas and encourage their use by Marina guests on their watercraft as well.

Over the next few years, the Marina — in partnership with The George Marine Resort and Residences due to open in 2020 — will be remediating areas of the foreshore, restoring wetlands and marshes and upgrading pedestrian walkways to ensure they are fully accessible. The new seawalk will open the foreshore experience to disabled persons, while protecting the re-established wetlands from human encroachment.